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MMA Statement on Gilbert Plains Lawsuit

Statement from MMA President Duane Nicol on the Lawsuit against Former CAO of Gilbert Plains

“The Manitoba Municipal Administrators (MMA) have become aware of the lawsuit against the former Chief Administrative Officer of the RM of Gilbert Plains through recent media reports. These allegations are deeply concerning and as the association representing professional municipal administrators in Manitoba, we support the transparent and thorough investigation of any potential breach of ethical or legal conduct in the operations of a municipal government and all efforts to holding those responsible for such breaches accountable.

Everyday, hundreds of professional municipal administrators go to work and manage the day-to-day operations of Manitoba’s municipal governments. Administrators support the delivery of effective and affordable municipal services which are the backbone of the Manitoba economy and the foundation on which safe, vibrant, and prosperous communities are built.

Members of our association are bound to a professional code of conduct and must maintain their skills, knowledge, and capacity through on-going professional development. Our members hold themselves to high ethical and professional standards. The alleged situation in Gilbert Plains is not at all representative of the conduct of our members.

Situations like this serve as an important reminder that Manitoba municipal governments are responsible for the oversight of billions of dollars in public assets. Attracting and retaining professional staff is absolutely critical to ensuring the responsible management and protection of these assets. The MMA continues to encourage all municipal governments in Manitoba to hire trained and professional municipal administrators who are MMA members in good standing for the role of Chief Administrative Officer. We also encourage municipalities to invest in the development and training of all administrative staff through membership in the MMA.

We continue to work with the Province of Manitoba and the Association of Manitoba Municipalities to strengthen and enhance the governance and administration of municipal government and build on the already high level of trust that citizen have in their local governments.”   

The Manitoba Municipal Administrators (MMA) is a not-for-profit professional association created by The Manitoba Municipal Administrators Association Inc. Act, an act of the Manitoba Government. Since 1931, the MMA has existed to provide support, education and continuing professional development to its members. The MMA is also the voice of municipal administration in Manitoba, advocating for members and promoting effective municipal administration.

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