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Memberships belong to the individual member and are non-transferable.

Registered Membership

To be considered a Registered Member, a person must:

  1. be eighteen years of age or older
  2. be employed, or under contract directly or indirectly with a municipality, local government district or quasi-municipal body in an administrative, clerical or management position.


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Affiliate Membership

To be considered an Affiliate Member, a person must:

  1. be an employee of the Governments of Manitoba or Canada
  2. be an employee of a private business, association, or non-profit organization with an interest in municipal government; or
  3. a private individual who has an interest in municipal administration
  4. be a person who otherwise meets the criteria for a Registered Member but is employed by a municipality outside of Manitoba.


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Purchase Multiple Individual Memberships

Get a discount when you buy 2 or more individual (registered or affiliate) memberships. This will generate coupon codes that can be sent to your email or directly to new or existing members.

2-5 Individual Memberships

Buy between 2 and 5 memberships and get a 10% discount.


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6-9 Individual Memberships

Buy between 6 and 9 memberships and get a 15% discount.


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10+ Individual Memberships

Buy between 6 and 9 memberships and get a 25% discount.


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