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Navigating Challenges in the Workplace 

A positive workplace environment is essential to happy and healthy employees. However, when challenges arise things can quickly go sour, causing stress and other issues for staff. 

But have no fear! The M.M.A., A.M.M. and the Province of Manitoba have gathered the following resources and support for municipal staff. 

Let’s get started, shall we?


Employee Contract 

Our templates for employee contracts help protect all municipal staff from dismissal without sufficient warning, compensation, and slander. 

Professional Development 

The M.M.A. is committed to our members’ education and development. By providing access to courses, webinars, and other opportunities, we hope to expand your skills, confidence and value to not only better yourself, but also your community. 

Click Here for MMA PD Calendar

Click Here for AMM Session Calendar

Support Groups 

Support groups are developable within each district. Contact your District Director to initiate this if it is not yet in place. 


Currently in the development stage. Check back soon for more details! 

EAP Program 

Our EAP (Employee Assistance Program) has resources available to help counsel you through stress and a variety of other situations. Legal services are also available. 

Phone: 306-757-6675

Fax: 306-757-0133

After-Hours Emergency Service: 1-866-757-6620

CAMA Political Acumen Tool Kit – Council & CAO Relationship 

Recognizing the importance of political understanding in the role of senior municipal administrators, also referred to as political acumen, the Canadian Association of Municipal Administrators (CAMA) launched a Political Acumen Toolkit. This resource can be found at

 A positive working relationship between a Council and their CAO is vital for a municipality to achieve their goals. A municipality that loses confidence in its CAO is a municipality that begins travelling down the road to replace that individual. Always remember that a CAO is hired at the pleasure of Council. Strong political acuity can help to identify when Council’s direction may be changing, and adjustment is needed. This section outlines various strategies for CAO’s to build and maintain a strong relationship with their Council and focuses on the following topics:

  • Relationship with Council: For more information on harassment between elected officials and the CAO, please see Council Ethics
  • No Surprises
  • Strategic Planning
  • Praise and Criticism
  • Power Dynamics of One Versus The Whole
  • Councillor Alliances
  • Rogue Elected Officials
  • CAO Performance Reviews

Case Studies

Want more information? Contact Jennifer Goodine, Executive Director, CAMA National Office.

Phone: 1-866-771-2262
 Email: ac.ma1716682599camac1716682599@nimd1716682599a1716682599

Orientation Toolkit Resources 

  • Communicating with the Public Policy, Council Policy, Respectful Workplace Policy, and Talking to Elected Officials About Learning) 

Relationship Improvement 

  • Council/Board – Manager System 
  • Assessing the Relationship – Assessment Questionnaire for CAOs
  • How to Manage Staff – Elected Conflict
  • Council/Board – Report Card and Checklist 
  • Council Governance Check-In

Talking Tips

  • Talking to Elected Officials about Elected Officials’ Self-Evaluation 
  • Talking to Elected Officials about CAO Evaluation 
  • Talking to Elected Officials about Roles, Responsibilities, and Codes of Conduct
  • Talking to Elected Officials about Responsible Conduct 
  • Talking to Elected Officials about Key Concepts 


People First HR Services 

People First HR Services is another resource available to members. 

Phone: 1-866-899-1340

Email: moc.r1716682599htsri1716682599felpo1716682599ep@ec1716682599ivres1716682599ruoyt1716682599aRH1716682599 

Province of Manitoba 

Council Code of Conduct 

If a member of your council is involved in a conflict situation, refer to the municipality’s Council Code of Conduct Bylaw. All municipalities are required to have a Council Code of Conduct Bylaw, which may provide staff with the formal ability to raise a member’s conduct with council. Council members are also required to undergo training in respectful conduct. 

 Safe Work Manitoba – Workplace Safety and Health 

All employers must have harassment policies and procedures in place to protect workers from bullying and other forms of harassment in the workplace. 

Municipal Relations

Municipal Services Officers are available to discuss matters relating to municipal governance and administration. Consult the Municipal Officials Directory for more information. 

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